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Preparing Your Roof For Strong Storms

Preparing Your Roof For Strong StormsWhether it's a hurricane, tornadoes, or even just heavy rain and strong winds, one thing is for certain: extreme weather is unpredictable and oftentimes inescapable, especially when it comes to our homes. But that fact doesn't mean you and your roof are helpless against it. There are plenty of ways to prepare your roof for wind, rain, and more that will minimize damage to your home and save you the most money.

Too often, when it comes to storms, we act after the fact rather than putting measures in place before the storm even hits. You wouldn't walk into a storm unprepared, and the same goes for your roof. Take a look at the following tips on making sure your roof is equipped with the right repairs and maintenance to make it through the next storm in Simsbury.

Get Routine Inspections

You want to know that whatever Mother Nature throws at you, your roof will make it through. Contact a professional roofing contractor to inspect every inch of your roof, from the flashings and shingles to the gutters and downspouts. Regular and preventative maintenance is the best way to make sure your roof will survive a storm. Most roofing systems are strong enough to fight overwhelming winds, but it's a lot easier to remove part of a roof that's already loose. You never know when a storm will hit, so it's wiser to be prepared beforehand instead of panicking once the storm is well on its way.

Clear Out Your Gutters And Downspouts

Strong winds often accompany storms, blowing debris such as pine needles, twigs, and leaves into your roof gutter. When piled up, these things could clog your gutters and downspouts, stopping the free flow of rainwater and backing it up onto your roof. Standing water not only puts stress on the shingles and the roof itself, but can eventually lead to leaks, which are a complicated fix compared to clearing your gutters. You can clear your gutters by hand, with a pressure washer, or a garden hose. You could even take it a step farther and install gutter guards to prevent debris from even gathering in the gutters in the first place.

Trim Overhanging Branches and Limbs

The majority of storm damage comes from trees and other debris falling on a home. Inspect the trees on your property, particularly ones with branches and limbs that hang over or around your roof, and consider cutting them back. This is especially recommended for dead or dying trees whose branches are more prone to be torn off in gusting winds. Removing an entire tree might be in your best interest depending on its size or position on your property. Yes, it is expensive, but it's likely going to cost you less than getting the whole corner of your home replaced if a tree falls on it.

To ensure your roof is ready for the next storm that hits the Simsbury area, then please call 860-658-2474 or complete our online request form.

roofing contractor farmington valley ct

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